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the thousand and one nights
the queen's moves in a game of chess
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Sky Watch
"In the Sky Watch series of 22 works on paper, I convey feelings of both pleasure, and fear, invoked by the mysterious vastness that surrounds us."
"The Labyrinth suite, is an allegory for life's intricate course, which is anything but a straight line."
The Thousand and One Nights
"In this group of works on paper, issues of perseverance are explored, inspired by the fairy tales of Scheherazade, who survived adversity through imagination and creativity."

The Queen's Moves in a Game of Chess
"I see chess as an apt metaphor for the times in which we live. In The Queen's Moves in a Game of Chess series, I examine the relationship between men, women, and their struggle for domination. I also address the subjugation of the common people and the abuse of power."